Commercial trucks with diesel engines are all equipped with a heater whether it be a coolant block heater, fuel tank heater, battery heater, or oil pan heater. Any or all of these can be used in the winter to help the engine start.  If nothing is used, and if it is cold enough, the engine will not start. If any of these heaters are used but something is wrong with them, it could not be detected until the truck would attempt to be started the following day.


This is where the Power-Block comes into play.


The Power-Block will immediately tell you, 1) the AC voltage coming out of the cord; 2) the heater’s efficiency; and 3) if the block heater is functioning properly. All vitally important information in keeping your truck on-the-road and making you money during the cold winter weather months. These simple units of measurement are Volts, Watts, and Amps. 

The simplest way to know if the block heater is working while using this tool is to imagine a 100 watt light bulb. The truck's block heater has about 12 of them heating the engine's anti-freeze.  So if there is a low reading (less than 500) or a high reading (more than 1900) watts there may be a problem. In diagnosing potential issues with the block heater prior to breakdown, the driver experiences significantly less down time and maintenance fees.

The Power-Block will also benefit any service locations that work on equipment.  During their preventative maintenance schedules, the technician can check the performance of the trucks heater whether it be an engine block heater, oil pan heater, battery heater, fuel heater, hydraulic tank heater, etc.

The Power-Block was built to NEMA 4 standards which means the unit is waterproof, weatherproof, and shockproof. This high performance unit was designed to withstand the harsh elements of winter and function consistently.  The Power-Block is also a fail safe device, meaning that in the rare event the device malfunctions, the unit will act as a cord, keeping electricity flowing through the device and the block heater running.


You can also use the Power-Block as a monitoring device and use it 24/7. Simply plug the unit into the truck and plug the cord into the other end and you can constantly monitor the device to make sure your block heater is working.  You can have someone walk by if you have 1 truck or 100 trucks and simply watch the display.  If your supply voltage (cord/receptacle) the display will display approximately 110-125 Volts. If you have readings on your Watts (500-1700) you know your block heater is working.  You just need to know what your block heater is rated at.  If you have a reading of 0 on Watts and Amps, make sure you don't have a Thermo-Stat that will shut off the block heater when it reaches a certain temperature.  If you don't have a thermostat you know you have an issue with the block heater and can take the required steps to repair the block heater.

 The Power-Block


Joey, a note to thank  you and let you know of the success with the POWER-BLOCK, after each demonstration at the fleets, school bus garages ,repair shops, etc. the feedback I received was VERY WELL !!! We found heaters that didn't work, bad drop cords, no juice, on and on, the fleets remarked that one save with a driver having to call for a start because the shop did not catch a faulty block-heater more than paid for itself on the first use.  Thanks again


Lynn Ballard – Territory Manager


Midwest Wheel Companies